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Cliff Eberhardt - "I’m proud of all my albums..."
Robert Tepper - "Lord knows I love writing and making records…"
Layke - "I want to try to advocate for change in any way possible..."
Pae Bak - "My songs are real to the core..."
Young Cali - "My music is an avenue for myself and others to find joy and hope..."
Mad Lung - "Music is my release..."
Marcus & Martinus - "As we get older, I feel the music grows with us... "
Knoxie-Ty - "Music is my outlet for speaking my mind and heart..."
TQ - "People always need songs. So I write them..."
Young Cali - "I'm not afraid of my past..."
Mark Daniel - "Music is everything I am..."
X-Raided - "Prison is not hell..."
Kellee Maize - "I was so heavily impacted by music my whole life..."
Danny Bakewell Sr. - "We can do things respectfully and with dignity and in unity when we are treated with dignity and respect"
Jay Smith - "Writing songs is like keeping a diary. It's a form of therapy for me..."
Shelley Lubben - "I have had more near death experiences than anyone I personally know and I have been SUSTAINED..."
Richie Luna - "Music is the Universal Language of Love and Light..."
Evan Russell Saffer - "“The Opponent” was a reflection of myself, me battling me..."
Layori - "Music brings me in connection to my inner self..."
Serpenti - "Our secret is ... to have fun!"
Kenny G - "I would say that it’s quite an honor to be on Frank Sinatra’s Duets CD..."
Carl Douglas - "My Feelings towards the success of "Kung Fu Fighting" has always been a little mixed..."
Joe Grushecky - "Music has always been a huge part of my life..."
MEGA - "Finding what you’re passionate about and working really hard to be successful at it is what the purpose of life is."
This Morning Call - "As anybody who has ever made a long player will tell you, it is a very difficult process ..."
Robert Dahlqvist - "The most important thing is to be yourself all the time..."
Michel'le - "Music means expression to me..."
Paul Carrack - "I am an independent artist..."
Diana King - "My music does not discriminate and I never will..."
Fatal Casualties - "Feedback is always welcome to Team FaTaL, as long as it can be in a constructive way..."
Mad Lung - My musical inspirations have always been my life experiences...
Gloria Gaynor - My fulfillment comes from a number of things in my life and the success of my career is part of it...
Winston Anthony - Music is one of the most important parts of human life
Hakan Ludvigson - I always wanted to be a studio artist more than a live musician
Stereolizza - Fame is temporary if you don’t work very hard at a constant speed...
We Butter the Bread with Butter - Music has just been the best thing of our lives...
William Harnes - "I Am Struggle" is very personal:It's my life.
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